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Shaadimarriages is one of the best top rated free Shaadi matrimony websites in India or you could say "the best Shaadi website in India", or the best free Shaadi sites in India. Say what you want shaadimarriages is the site you are looking for to find your soulmate.

The website has free registration and also free chat features. Members just need to send invitations and get accepted and start chatting.

The website is for all ethnic backgrounds and not for any particular caste.

All religion profiles are accepted in https://shaadimarriages.com Hindus, Muslims, Muslima, Christians, Jains, Buddhists, Atheist, etc.

As per status Single, Divorced, Widowed, separated, and even married men looking for second marriage can post their profiles.

All profiles are accepted from all over the world, either you are from

Asia like India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philipines, Singapore, Nepal, SriLanka, or from the Muslim Countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, or from Latin America like Colombia, Chile, Peru, Brazil, or Venezuela to name a few. You could also be from North America from the United States of America or Canada, or from European Countries like France, Bolivia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, or Poland to name a few. Even if you are from the African continent like South Africa, Ghana, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya or Zimbabwe to name a few. All are welcome to submit your profiles in https://shaadimarriages.com 

Some of the highlighted features of the site are.

Free Registration.

Free Chatting.

Free Profile Upload.

Free Video calling.

Free Audio Calling.

Free Games to play.

Free 3d City Usage.

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